INCTR has several categories of membership, generally falling under the category of Associate Members as per the general structure of non-profit organizations registered in Belgium.

Individual Associate Members

Individual associate members (hereafter referred to as individual members) can be of any nationality or gender. but must be above 18 years of age.


INCTR Members have an interest in assisting people and/or institutions in low and middle income countries (also referred to as countries with low, medium or high levels of development or less developed countries) to improve their ability to control cancer (i.e., lessen the morbidity and mortality of cancer). INCTR's vision is a world in which suffering and premature death from cancer is eliminated. Its mission is to work with a broad range of existing institutions, including governments, governmental organizations, academic institutions, professional societies and non-profit organizations in less developed countries in order to achieve its goals. Several INCTR Branches have been established in less developed countries including Brazil, Egypt, Nepal and India where they undertake activities in one or more of the activities that fall under the heading of cancer control, namely cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. INCTR also participates in the assessment of the cancer burden and mortality from cancer in less developed countries through establishing cancer registries and in the education of health workers/health professionals in those countries as well as the assessment of the resources available in institutions or countries to undertake activities related to cancer control.

Individual INCTR members come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds but are united in their desire to contribute to cancer control through the support of INCTR activities either through paying a membership fee, or by direct participation, where feasible and desirable, in INCTR activities. Membership benefits include:

1. Being informed of progress made by INCTR, or events relevant to INCTR's mission, through receipt of the INCTR NewsFlash on a quarterly basis (electronic only).
2. Engage in discussion related to INCTR's mission with other INCTR members via an RSS feed fro INCTR's BLOG
3. Receiving copies (if a health professional) of INCTR publications at a reduced price, or free of charge (e.g., INCTR's Annual on Cancer Control, which is made available at no cost, either electronically or in hardcopy).
4. Writing on INCR's BLOG - to do so, simply click on "BLOG" on the Top Bar menu above.

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