Many discussions, e.g, on mammography, have taken place by e maii among INCTR members and others. This site represents an attempt both to move the comments out of our already overloaded e mail boxes, and to be able to preserve them for future reference. Allowing only members to comment provides some protection against destructive or inappropriate language from people not genuinely interested in the debate, or with an ulterior motive. It may not be possible to screen out all such persons, but members can form their own opinion on their remarks. Abusive e mails will be removed. To apply for site membership, simply register with wikidot and follow instructions. You may also use the "secret word" by contacting an INCTR Staff member. As always, members must register with wikidot (a form will automatically appear when you try to enter a site if you are not already registered) and if registering for the first time, you will need to return to the site and "sign on" to wikidot once you have registered in order to become a member.

Note that the blog is connected to an RSS feed. By clicking on this you can have new comments delivered directly to various locations that you regularly access, including your e mail box. You can have them arrive in your inbox as they come, or set up a separate folder where they will be stored until you are ready to read them.

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